How to get exp hair coupon in maplestory

Maplestory Female Face Coupon Vip List

One of the fun things about playing MapleStory is interacting. Went through the hassle of getting set hair and eyes for 12 mules last time. For printable coupons only, enter link to printable pdf or image of coupon. Anything there is fair game for the EXP coupon to give you.

Hair coupons maplestory

Royal Hair and Face Coupon sale end today but stock up now and use the coupons after the maintenance. The royal styles available dont appeal to me at all and theres no vip or reg.

Dip Dye Hair Coupon - MapleStory Wiki - Neoseeker Other than the two hair coupons and two cosmetic coupons received from the login event, is there another way to get them. However, your friends will have to buy ACash and then send you the Hair coupon.


Royal hair options for androids at the beautician were mistakenly added into game data in the v. Since the v.

MapleStory MSEA and GMS VIP Hair Styles with Hair Saloon Location

The styles available select from the same pool as the current rotation for regular characters, but this new feature has been notorious for not aligning with current character Royal Styles. Please check the official bug forum for reports of potential mismatches before purchasing Royal Coupons for your android.

Currently, there is no way to change the android label styles in GMS. You can, however, change the name of your android.

Did you ever SBC?

Although the CS item will last for 90 days, the name change effect on your android is permanent. Androids can be renamed unlimited times, using a new Naming Coupon per name change.

This item was introduced in the 6 September Cash Shop update as a random reward from Golden Apple. Skip to content All androids that have more than one default can be born with any hair and eye colour and these are completely randomised. The one on the left android-exclusive means these are the special faces you can only obtain via opening one of these androids and getting lucky.

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The right column shows other options the android may be born with, but these styles are also available from the beautician. The colours shown may not necessarily be what yours ends up with; I just wanted to make my guide colourful.

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Skin colour beautician options for androids are shown below: Finally, android eye colour can be changed as of v. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.